Welcome to the Division of Policing

Our Mission

The Division of Policing seeks to advance theory, knowledge and practice in policing through rigorous research and evaluation. The Division recognizes the fundamental importance of the police for maintaining order, protecting civil liberties, and enhancing public safety in free societies. It is committed to advancing the science of policing, testing innovation in the field, and promoting excellence in practice through translational activities. These goals can be achieved by facilitating a dialogue and building partnerships among policing scholars, practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, and students of policing.

Division of Policing Mission and Constitution

Executive Board

The current executive board began serving their two year term at ASC 2018 in Atlanta:

  • Chair: Eugene A. Paoline III
  • Vice Chair: Jacinta Gau
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Julie Schnobrich-Davis
  • Executive Counselors: Brenda Bond, Evan Sorg, Jason Ingram

The Division of Policing and the History of the American Society of Criminology (ASC)

Did you know that the ASC began with August Vollmer and a group of policing scholars and practitioners interested in advancing policing and police research? Read more about this history here with Albert Morris’s 1975 Criminology article detailing ASC’s history from 1941-1974 and here with Edward Petty’s 1959 account of the early history of ASC. The Oxford University Press blog post by Secretary-Treasurer Cody Telep entitled: “Back to the future with the ASC’s new Division of Policing” also charts the history of ASC and the founding of the Division of Policing.

Policing Journals

Below we’ve included a list of policing journals edited and widely read by members of the ASC and the Division of Policing.  The Division of Policing has no official journal, but we encourage our members to read (and contribute to) the latest policing scholarship in these publications.  See links to each of these journals on our Members’ Corner page: